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We are committed to supporting you and meeting your needs. Please utilise all the support opportunities we have in place. Where you require a tutorial or one to one support we require you to book an appointment. This will ensure your assessor reserves some dedicated time for you to answer your questions, discuss your planner and meet your needs. All appointments and tutorials are recorded and subject to monitoring as part of quality assurance.

Appointments can only be booked either directly via the Exchange or our dedicated appointments webpage. They can not be booked by telephone as our centre support team does not manage the diary of assessors.

Booking your appointment on the Exchange
Please only use Exchange.

1] Open a new discussion.
add discussion

2]Ensure you type the subject as “Request Appointment/Tutorial”.

3]You will need to identify at least five dates and times when you are free. The more dates and times the better. Please do not just provide times after our office opening times. We are not a night school and also do not open during weekends and bank holidays. Any appointments or tutorials outside our opening hours can only take place after special arrangements.

Please ensure you click notify all before submitting your request for an appointment or tutorial. It is important for you to ensure you click notify all in order for your assessor to be alerted of your request.

Your assessor will attempt to match one of the dates and times you have given. The meeting will usually take place through Zoom or by telephone.