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Course Extensions

Course Extensions

All our courses have an expected completion time and duration which starts when you are given access to your course and allocated an assessor. The expected duration and time scales are published on our course web pages and available to you prior to enrolment. The duration and time scales are also published throughout our portal. You will also be reminded about the remaining days left before your course access expires each time you enter the “Courses Area” as highlighted below:


An alert will also be emailed to you 14 days before your access expires encouraging you to either complete your course or apply for an extension. Please see an example of the notification reminder which is sent out 14 days before your course expiry:

notification email

Your responsibilities
All adjustments to your enrolment and extension to your course is subject to application by completing the relevant form located below. It is your responsibility to ensure you complete your course before your expected deadline or to apply for an extension. It is your responsibility to inform your assessor as soon as possible regarding any issues affecting your progress so that these will be recorded. Please also let the Centre Support Team (contact@etutor.org.uk) if you are going to be away for a long period of time. Our admin will access your records and all communication when considering your application.

Potential Charges
Potential charges of £95 – £300 (depending on your course and situation) apply to extend your course or to reinstate you if you are within one year of your enrolment. This charge does not apply when you have been affected by extenuating circumstances ( subject to application and evidence). Free extensions are subject to your individual needs and circumstances.

When to apply for general extensions
You will need to apply for an extension before the next scheduled processing time before your course expires to allow continuity.

Processing times
Extension applications are only processed by our Admin at the end of every month and can take up to 7 working days to come up with an outcome. Applying for an extension does not guarantee an extension will be granted.

Applications are processed in line with our extenuating circumstances, service level agreement, terms and conditions, equality and reasonable adjustment policy. The reason you provide for being unable to complete within your course duration should have merit and be supported by evidence.

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