Level 3 Award in Information, Advice or Guidance

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About the course

The Level 3 Award in Information, Advice or Guidance is aimed at providing learners with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of working where advice is provided. This includes the skills of negotiation, communication, wider skills, networking to meet needs.

What does it mean to study at Level 3?

You will be assessed at the same level as someone completing A-Levels. Achievement at Level 3 reflects the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to complete tasks and address problems that, while well-defined, have a measure of complexity. It includes taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks and procedures as well as exercising autonomy and judgment within limited parameters. You will be expected to use references and reflect an awareness of different perspectives or approaches within your area of study or work.

Ground Rules

You are expected to demonstrate how you have met at least 168 Guided learning Hours by the end of the course. You are expected to be fully active and demonstrate learning throughout your enrolment. We regularly host a number of online web conferences which are advertised under “Events”. Unfortunately face to face contact is currently limited due to the ongoing pandemic. You are encouraged to supplement your learning by requesting tutorials and utilising the resources provided.

Learners should bear in mind that the course is not just about submitting assignments. You will need to focus on both participating in course activities and completing coursework. Assessors might withhold your assessments if your course participation is below expectation. There should be evidence of learning which will also be used by our quality assurance team to cross-reference the authenticity and reliability of your work. More information regarding ground rules is located under “Getting Started”.


Prior to starting your course, you will need to attend an induction. This has to be either face to face or online. Dates and times are published under “Events”. It is your responsibility to book on an induction session in order to fully understand how your course is delivered, assessments, deadlines, ground rules and how to use this site. If you are in a hurry to get started, please contact your assessor to request a mini-induction.


This course is assessed by a portfolio of evidence which has to be submitted for both internal and external quality assurance. You will need to complete coursework for all 2 units and achieve a minimum of 9 credit. Please bear in mind that all assessment decisions are subject to quality assurance and may change. You are only fully signed off after successful internal and external quality assurance. We will try whenever possible to be flexible and implement a holistic approach. Please ensure you are actively involved during all stages of your learner journey starting from the initial plan, discussing prior learning, negotiating deadlines and meeting your needs.

The assessment strategy for all course tasks is for you to have up to three attempts to meet the assessment criteria. Your assessor will ask you to highlight your work in Green to indicate this is a second attempt. You will be asked to highlight your work in Blue to indicate this is your third attempt. If you have not managed to fully address the assessment criteria after three attempts this might indicate you are struggling. The assessor might ask you to have another attempt, vary your assessments or refer your work to our quality assurance team.

Quality Assurance

Your work will be internally quality assured at least three (at initial, formative and summative stage) times. This involves your work being submitted for quality assurance where our quality assurer audits your evidence, learning records and assessment decisions. The quality assurer will use the assessment criteria and course specification to determine if you have indeed fully demonstrated competence.

It is possible for the quality assurer to disagree with your assessor and request additional work. If this happens you will be informed about this and given guidance on the actions required. It is also possible for you not to even hear there was a problem with your work depending on a number of factors such as alternative available evidence from forums, reflective journals, learning logs or CPD records

Internal quality assurance will also involve auditing your learner journey, checking how well you have engaged in course activities. It is important you fully demonstrate how you have met all learning outcomes and guided learning hours.

When all areas of your practice are satisfactory a claim for your certificate is made to the awarding body. They will request to sample your evidence. Your work will undergo further quality assurance from an external perspective. If everything is okay you will be signed off and your certificate will be issued. E-certificates will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. When paper-based certificates are issued these will also be posted out to you by recorded delivery as soon as they arrives.

Progress Indicator

The progress indicator displayed on the course only measures your progress generated by clicking on the resources located on the right-hand side. The counter will record any clicks even those made within seconds. Your course completion is only determined when you meet all course requirements which will involve being fully assessed, meeting all learning outcomes and assessment criteria. You will also need to submit your completed portfolio of evidence for both internal and external quality assurance as highlighted above.


All communication with your assessor will need to be done on this platform. You will also need to use this platform to submit your coursework. You will need to email (contact@etutor.org.uk) if you require admin or IT support. The course-dedicated day for the Level 3 Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance is Tuesday where all assessments and support are usually expected to take place. Tutorials can take place on any day (including evenings) as long as you have booked at least a week in advance.

We wish you the best with your course and look forward to signing off your work. All candidates who meet all course requirements are guaranteed to be signed off.