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Assessment Cycle

Your Progress


You can ask yourself the following questions to enable you to self evaluate using the teaching cycle:

Identifying needs

Did l carry out an adequate initial assessment to find out about different learning styles, special needs.

Planning and designing

Did l prepare a suitable session plan based on the needs of the learners?

Did l state the aims clearly to the group?

Did l adhere to my session plan?

How will l change the session plan for next time?

Did l have suitable teaching methods, resources and interesting handouts and were these effective?

What will l do differently next time?


Did l take into account the learners different learning styles?

Did l have a clear introduction and recap the subject regularly?

Was my pace too fast or too slow?

Was my voice projection ok?

Did l give too many facts or use too much jargon?

Did l encourage the learners to ask questions?

Did l dress suitably for the session?

Did l give a clear conclusion?

What will l change next time?



Did l assess the learners during and at the end of the session to ensure they had learnt the necessary skills and knowledge?

Do l need to do this differently next time?


Were there unforeseen circumstances l had to deal with?

Did l carry out the relevant administrative and organisational requirements?

Did l obtain feedback from the learners?

What will l do with this feedback?