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Getting Started

Welcome to the Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment. You will need to start by familiarising your self with this website.

Please continue reading this page for information regarding course delivery, assessments, course duration, and ground rules.

Course Duration
You have 2 to 10 weeks from enrolment to complete the course. There is a possibility of an extension subject to application. Any extensions will be processed by our admin inline with our extensions, reasonable adjustments and extenuating circumstances procedures. Any assessments beyond the course duration are chargeable.

Course Dedicated Day
Our dedicated day for the course is Wednesday. This is the day you should normally be expected to have contact with your assessor. This is also the day assessors actively carry out assessments, tutorials and respond to tickets!

Every candidate is allocated an assessor as soon as they enrol. If you do not know your assessor please contact our Admin (contact@etutor.org.uk).

Course Delivery
The course is delivered by Blended Learning. Each assessment criteria is attached to learning outcomes. You will be expected to demonstrate learning by participating in course activities such as web conferences, online forums and completing learning logs. You can also attend face to face sessions and be supported by tutorials either on an individual or group basis. More information regarding this crucial course requirement is highlighted under “Ground Rules” on the next topic.

You should have by now also received your Individual Goal Plan (IGP). This is usually provided to you as an attachment when you are given your Login details to access this site. You will need to complete and submit the form using the reply feature located under your ticket. Your IGP will be part of your Individual Learning Plan (ILP). You will also be expected to complete the Learning Styles Questionnaire, Basic Skills Assessment and sign your Learning agreement at this stage.

Once you have familiarised your self with the site please get in touch with your allocated assessor for a chat to discuss your needs. It is compulsory for you to participate in an induction session either online or face to face. Dates and times of scheduled sessions are published under “Events”. If your induction is with someone else please ensure you get in touch with your allocated assessor for a chat. Your assessor upon request might be able to give you a mini-induction.

The initial chat with your assessor is very important as this is the opportunity to discuss your individual circumstances and assessment plan. The initial discussion can either take place face to face, by web conference or telephone. After your chat, your assessor will draw up your initial holistic assessment plan, which will outline what you need to do in order to achieve the qualification?

Your assessor will use the information from your discussion, IGP and any other appropriate sources to draw up the plan.

We encourage you to actively get involved during the holistic planning process. This is the time for you to discuss any prior learning, choice of units and needs.