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Ground Rules

Your course does not just involve completing course work. The course is linked with specific learning outcomes which you have to demonstrate. You, therefore, need to participate in course activities that will also enable you to meet Guided learning Hours which can only be met by interacting with course staff. Your interaction cannot just be at the end of the course. Your evidence has to be consistent and demonstrate your learning over a period of time.

We support fast track as long as you are able to work at a reasonable pace without compromising the quality of the course and your evidence. Rushing for the sake of rushing will not enable you to complete quicker.  In short, we have come up with five standards as part of your ground rules.

When you enrolled on the course you committed to earning your qualification and respecting our ground rules, terms and conditions. Your enrolment comes with its responsibilities as highlighted by our five standards below:

Standard 1

You strive to meet all course requirements and embrace our standardised procedures. This includes the need for you to log in and access this site at least twice a week in order to remain up to date with your coursework and our services.

Standard 2

You actively participate in the planning and assessment processes of your course.

Standard 3

You fully embrace your primary role of being a candidate, regardless of your qualifications, position in society and job title. Our relationship with you is that of a candidate and provider.

Standard 4

You seek assistance and support whenever you require it.

Standard 5

You take ownership and responsibility for your own learning. You will be expected to be fully active with your own learning and utilise any learning opportunities available. You understand it is your responsibility to ensure all your evidence is sufficient, current, authentic, appropriate, reliable and fully meets the assessment criteria. You should provide references whenever you use other people’s idea. We have a zero-tolerance against plagiarism. Your work should reflect the level descriptors associated with your qualification.

  • Level 2’s are assessed at the same level as GCSE’s and O levels.
  • Level 3 at A-Level standard.
  • Level 4 at the same level as the first year of an undergraduate.
  • Level 5 will be assessed at the same level as a second-year undergraduate.

When completing your work please do not make any assumptions that your assessor knows the argument you want to make. Your evidence has to be clear and fully address the assessment criteria.