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Numeracy is a noun which refers to the ability to understand and work with numbers. Your aim as a teacher is to ensure your candidates become numerate which is the capacity to recognise and  understand the role played by mathematics in their life. They will also need to have the ability to apply mathematics in a meaningful way which makes them fully numerate.

Numeracy applies to everyone. It assists us to manage everyday situations. Everywhere you look or do is influenced by numeracy. Each time you use money, create or work within a budget you are using numeracy skills. Numeracy helps us to understand and communicate. For example when buying or leasing a car you have to consider information such as  engine size, seating capacity, miles per gallon. For people workinmg in the trade such as builders and hair dressers, it is important they all understand formulas, ratios and ingrediaents to be able to fully perform their roles.

Life will be so complicated without a good understanding of nummeracy. That is the reason the government encourages all teachers to embed minimum core skills as part of their delievry. It will be easy to be cheated or lost out without an understaning of numeracy. As teachers we have to consider how this its like for candidates who are dyslexic or have visual impairment? How best do we support them to understand numbers?