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Principles of Assessment

Your Progress


It is important for you to fully understand how assessment decisions are made. Assessment decisions are based on the requirement for you to fully demonstrate and meet all your assessment criteria. It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to learning opportunities within your workplace (where required) to ensure all the assessment criteria will be met. Assessors have no power to modify the assessment criteria to suit your job role or current situation.

Your evidence has to demonstrate the depth of your knowledge, competency or both depending on the learning outcome and assessment criteria. We will not risk sanctions from our regulators by turning a blind eye and allowing adequate evidence. Doing so will not only jeopardise our organisation but all our former and current candidates. All evidence has to meet the principles of assessment. Assessment decisions are therefore made in line with the principles of assessment.

Your assessor will need to
-make safe assessment decisions. Remember these decisions are checked during both internal and external quality assurance.
-accurately assess your evidence against specific learning outcomes and assessment criteria.
-ensure assessment decisions are fair, valid, sufficient, authentic and reliable.

You will also need to do the following:
-if you are claiming APL check that your evidence is reliable, valid, sufficient and current.
-your work reflects the level of the course.
-if you are submitting support evidence ensure it is reliable, valid, sufficient and current.
-If an expert witness is being used, you might want to check if their evidence is reliable. Are they a manager? Does the expert have occupational expertise?
-you will also need to ensure any evidence submitted is yours. There is no room for plagiarism.