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One of the main themes in education and training is the need to identify your specialist area. You are expected to relate to your specialist area to your assignments and coursework.

It is important you justify the pedagogy that makes your specialist area tick. What might be acceptable in one specialist area might not be for another. For example in Health and Social care you might be expected to pay attention to some ethical concerns which might not be important when it comes to customer services. It might not be appropriate to go around a nursing home with a click board assessing a care worker in a nursing home while there might be nothing wrong doing the same thing assessing a shop worker in a Supermarket.

Pedagogy focuses on the theory and practice that defines your specialist area. Some common pedagogy principles could include supporting learners in small groups, working with others and a commitment to reflection and continuously professional development.

Besides your specialist area, you will be expected to know the changes in education and training. There could include the current government agenda on free schools, academies, advanced loans and grammar schools. You might also highlight the changes with apprenticeships and introduction of trailblazers.