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CPD and Reflection

Your Progress


As a teacher, you have a duty to ensure you embrace Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Awarding bodies will expect you to record any activities you participate in to update your competency.

CPD is described as any activities to enhance abilities. which includes knowledge, skills, and information. You should not rely on the learning you did ages ago as there could be development in practice. For example, first aid and legislation changes over time.

You need to encourage a culture of CPD which can start with simple activities such as watching and learning from shadowing others, attending courses and reading.

Another powerful skill you need to have is to self-reflect and learn from experience (both bad and good) and improve your practice. Reflection builds confidence and encourages proactiveness which helps you to handle a similar situation better when it reoccurs.

When reflecting, you can look at the same scenario and consider the perspective of many of your stakeholders such as learners, employers, own organisation and profession. You can draw on theory and models such as Gibbs, John P, Kolb, Brookfields and Rolfe to give you a better understanding of how reflection can be used in practice.