Essential Skills

Your Progress


You have to have a range of skills, some of which are reflected below for you to fully execute your role as a teacher. The ability to lead, manage, negotiate and have interpersonal skills will take you a long way. You might find your self having to negotiate to balance the needs of awarding bodies, learners, and your own organisational needs.

As a teacher, you are expected to embrace technology and explore how it might enhance the quality assurance process. You might consider using learning management systems, electronic portfolios, and Skype.

As already stated earlier, your role involves leadership and management. You need to fully understand the concept of cost effectiveness while at the same time providing quality services. You should have autonomy, good communication skills and be committed to teamwork, career management, information handling and critical thinking. You should have basic minimum core skills (language, literacy, numeracy and IT) and be committed to continuous career development as discussed earlier. Your should clearly understand all your compliance procedures and your obligations. They should fully understand the assessment and quality assurance process.