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Networking with Others

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It is impossible for you to fully execute the role of a teacher without the help of others. You have to acknowledge the role which everybody plays starting from your colleagues and other professionals. Networking enables you to meet the needs of your learners and share good practice. It is also a good source of learning and improving your practice.

You will be expected to have good subject knowledge, follow rules and procedures including respecting codes of practice, policies, and legislation. You should demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of not adhering to these policies, regulations, and legislation. Remember you might be sued, dismissed from your employed and suffer from bad publicity.

As a teacher, you are expected to fully support your learners and meet their needs. Your responsibilities include planning your sessions, carrying out assessments and giving feedback. You are also expected to be a good role model, professional and to motivate and inspire your learners.

There is an expectation that you will provide a value for money service by imparting your knowledge and being committed to continuous professional development (CPD). You will also need to have good classroom management skills and create a conducive learning environment.