Portfolio Files

As you should know by now, this course is assessed by a paper-based portfolio? You need to compile your course work using the portfolio index provided.

We also provide a complementary ring binder with all the files below included. The ring binder is usually given to you in person when you attend any of our face to face workshops for the first time. If you have not attended any of our face to face workshops you will need to either pick one from our office or pay for the postage to get one sent out to you.

At the end of the course you need to ensure your work is ready for quality assurance by printing and filing all feedback reports in the portfolio ring binder. You need to follow the “Portfolio Index” guide when filing. Please ensure you include all versions of your coursework. Do not forget to complete and include your Learner and Assessor Summative Statement. You also need to ensure you sign and date all your feedback reports, specimen signatures log, evidence record sheets, course work and all forms. Your completed portfolio should be submitted in person or posted to our training centre by recorded delivery.