Recognition of Prior Learning

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Etutor Alliance promotes the use of prior learning as the first assessment method for all our courses. This involves applying credit transfer for all like to like units. The process also takes into account any prior learning, knowledge and skills.

To kick start the process assessors will often identify eligible candidates at induction before drafting your holistic assessment plan. They will often outline what is expected and agree with you an action plan. This usually involves supporting, making you aware of all units that make your course and the assessment criteria. If there are no like for like units, it is your responsibility to submit any evidence you believe meets the assessment criteria. All evidence will need to fully meet the assessment criteria. Part of the test will need to ensure that all your evidence is authentic, reliable, current and sufficient. It is common for additional assessments to be required to ensure your evidence meets our standardisation procedures. Do not take it for granted that we will agree with the assessment decisions of your previous assessor.

Prior learning is only considered at the beginning of the course. It is your responsibility to make your assessor aware of any prior learning request as soon as possible. Certain prior learning decisions might require consultation with our quality assurance team. External opinion might also be required for complex cases.