Which procedures are in place internally and externally in your training organisation to support your learners?

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As an assessor your backbone is the procedures in your own area of practice. Assessors working in different areas will have their own unique procedures in place. For example assessors working on business qualifications will be able to use simulation while those working in health and social care sector use this method of assessing only in exceptional circumstances. It is also worth remembering that systems vary from centre to centre. It€™s only the assessment process that should remain the same.

The systems in place could be:
-equal opportunities and inclusion procedures
-assessors have support from management to take appropriate action and help candidates develop their competence
-assessors are supported by the lead assessor or internal verifier to change assessment to meet individual needs of candidates
-candidates are supported to access safe, fair, valid and reliable assessment in line with relevant legislation.
-there are procedures and polices designed to meet the different needs of candidates
-signpost to other organisations in order to address some learner needs we cannot meet internally.
-work with other organisation to meet needs of learners.