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Who supports you in your assessor role?

Your Progress


There is now greater emphasis on professional development and competency. Gone are the days when anyone who had a degree will just assess any subject so long as it€™s lower than their highest qualification. Ofqual and awarding bodes are now insisting on occupational competency which you need to prove by either qualifications, experience and any CPD methods

You can generally expect support from the following:
-Other team members (assessors, admin staff etc)
-Union membership
-Company events (supervision, standardisation etc)
You have to give examples of how you are supported. For example.
I always consult the lead assessor or internal verifier in my organisation to get advice about the best ways of meeting candidate€™s special assessment requirements.

How do you maintain your CPD?
– enrolling on appropriate courses such as this assessor course, AET, CET, DET, internal verifier courses and sector based ones (health and social care, hair dressing, IT e.g.)
-reading appropriate literature
-attending awarding body or sector events
-attending external verification meetings

Why is it important to maintain CPD?
-This will allow you to identify and assess things that can influence your own competence
-makes you use opportunities to update your skills and experience
-makes you identify and use information on current assessment best practice
-makes you use personal development opportunities to improve your assessment skills